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No Standing charge suppliers

No standing charges and zero standing charges are different words for the same thing - you do not pay a standing charge. In other words, you don't pay anything for having gas andelectricity providedto you, you just pay for the gas and electricity you use (referred to as the unit rate or kWh).

No standing charge typecontracts are available with some suppliers and canbenefit businesses with a low gas and electricity use.

What type of businesses can benefit from no standing charges?

If your business operates only seasonally and is closed for over half the year, it might be worth looking into a no standing charge so you are not paying out when you are not operating. Another example of abusiness who could benefit is a village or community hall - these may only get used a few times a year so will not use much gas and electricity overall. The other possibility is you may use a lot of electricity but not much gas, in that case having a no standing charge on your gasbut paying a standing charge on your electricity could benefit you financially. Every business has unique circumstances so it's about working out what is best for yours.

Be mindful though that having a no standing charge will mean you pay more per unit (kWh) for your gas and electricity.

Which suppliers offer no standing charges?

Finding the suppliers that do offer a no standing charge can be tricky as most supplier websites do not give you any information about whether they do or do not offer a no standing charge. You could spend hours calling each individual electricity supplier but we know you don't have that sort of time, that is why we have done all the hard work for you and found out which suppliers will offer a no standing charge to businesses.

Suppliers that offer a no standing charge for gas and electricity for businesses:

We also made a list of suppliers that do not offer a no standing charge, just so you can be sure:

Other types of supplier:

How to work out which type of contract would be cheaper for you

If you have low gas and or electricity usage then a no standing charge is something worth considering, the best way to find out is to get some quotes from the companies that offer a no standing charge and compare with a standing charge type contract.In order to be able toget a quote for unit charges from the suppliers who offer a no standing charge you will need a few details to hand. They will want to know your usage, that is how much electricity and gas you use, preferably over a year. They will also need to know the businesses address and the size of the business.

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